What We Do

Flapdoodle Enterprises hosts websites on a secure VPS server and builds Joomla and WordPress websites for clients.

We are not a big business, so our offerings are closely niched toward the postal and mailing industry. Primarily, we create and host websites for Postal Customer Councils (PCC) and other postal-related organizations. PCC's are business-to-business groups organized in major cities across the country which work with local USPS leadership to make using the mail for business more convenient. Both mailers and the businesses who support mailing (printers, mailing houses, list managers, equipment providers, fulfillment houses, etc.) are brought together in a training and networking environment that expose business mailers and shippers to potential vendors and USPS leaders. More about PCC's: http://about.usps.com/what-we-are-doing/postal-customer-council/welcome.htm.

We also host a few other sites for those for whom Joomla is a good solution.... and a few WordPress sites.

If you are a PCC, or you think our services might be a good fit for you, contact us, and we'll arrange a call to discuss your needs in greater detail.